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About Us

Who is behind New Agrarian Revival?

In late 2011 some farming friends and local food advocates got together in a makeshift farm ‘saloon’ in rural Bedford County, Virginia and started discussing ways to build up the local food movement in our area. We started holding forums and networking potlucks each month and called ourselves ‘Land & Table’. We’ve been hosting monthly potlucks ever since and continue to cultivate the local food movement.

New Agrarian Revival is the merch shop of Land and Table, a non-profit organization and network of regenerative farmers, homesteaders, local food lovers, and ecological agriculture advocates. Inspired by Wendell Berry’s philosophy that culture and agriculture are intertwined, we seek to spread the message of the new back-to-land and local food movements.

We use words and art to inject ecological and agrarian wisdom into the cultural bloodstream.

Every time you purchase apparel or other merch from us, you are supporting the work of Land and Table and spreading the wisdom of deeply rooted living.