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Apparel and merch for the new back-to-land movement.

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Inspiration for Deeply Rooted Living

Human culture has always been rooted in the land. But now many people live like exiles from the very ground that sustains them. We are facing ecological crisis, digital glut, over consumption, and social isolation.

But there is a new generation emerging who are relearning how to live deeply rooted in the land. Our vision is to help inspire the new movement that is focused on cultivating local food, land, and community. Our t-shirts and other merch are meant for sustainable farmers, local food advocates, homesteaders, and others who are passionate about healing the world one pasture at a time.

What's An Agrarian?

An agrarian is anyone who lives close to, or cultivates the land: farmers, homesteaders, gardeners, etc. Agrarianism is a philosophy that advocates for humans living deeply connected to the land as we have done since the beginning of time.

What's A 'New Agrarian'?

An ‘new agrarian’ is focused on leaving the land, and the world, in better shape then they found it. To be a New Agrarian is to pursue the health and healing of people, animals, and the earth – through sustainable agriculture and the wisdom of Creation.

Why a 'New Agrarian Revival'?

In the U.S. and in many nations, farming and land-based living is a forgotten art. As we grow more distant from our connection with the land we also have grown distant from one another. We must restore the fabric of local community and our care and cultivation of the earth.